Recipes for the Wholesome Eater

What better way to wrap up theme month #1's themed posts than to share some of the recipes I've found that work with my limited diet? Well...I guess I could think of something more creative, but nahhhh. You'll have to survive on this scant virtual meal for now. Or at least until Friday.

Friday is the day I post my first wrap up. But lets not get into that. It has nothing to do with this post. 


I'm going to be breaking this up into categories for ease of access. 

It would be much appreciated if you'd read through the whole post, but if you'd rather skip through to a certain category, you're welcome to it! 

I promise I won't disown you if you do. (Everyone does that...right?)
I'm going to do breakfast first. Because breakfast is the first meal. And you didn't know that, so I had to tell you. *wink*

Unless you've got some crazy allergies (or you're my mom, who is allergic to eggs), I'm betting you can eat both of these recipes, because I can and I have about 120334324 food intolerances. 


Yep! There is a food that is called Quinoa (Keen-Wah), and it is 100% edible.

Since I'm currently unable to eat gluten and will probably never be able to eat sugar or any other alternate sweeteners except honey or sorghum, cold and even hot cereals are not an option in the morning.


Quinoa is! 

You may be wondering where in the world you can find Quinoa, but to be truthful, you don't have to look that hard to discover it. My mom and I found it while we were poking around in Walmart.

So yeah - pretty easy to find.

Anyway, I'm one of those people who enjoys a good challenge when I'm cooking, so I make up a lot of recipes.

And today I am going to share them with you. *spreads arms*

Yes. You. Whoever you are. I gestured to all of you. (Get it?)

Honey Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa 

~ 1 cup Quinoa (any type is fine)
~ 2 cups water
~ Four spoonfuls of honey (less or more works, too. It just depends on your taste)
~ Sprinkle of cinnamon (again, depends on taste)

Bring the Quinoa and water to a boil. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add honey and cinnamon. Enjoy!

Blueberry Honey Breakfast Quinoa

~ 1 cup Quinoa 
~ 2 cups water
~ Four spoonfuls of honey
~ 1/2 cup blueberries (and again...depends upon your taste!)

Bring the Quinoa and water to a boil. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. (Don't we already know this routine?) Add honey and blueberries. (But wait - I changed it up on you!) Enjoy!

And there we have it. Two amazingly appetizing recipes for breakfast Quinoa! Trust me, they're good!

The last breakfast recipe I'm going to be sharing is eggs. You may be wondering why I need to share a recipe for fried eggs...but I do. 

Fried Eggs

~ 2 eggs (or however many you need to sustain yourself)
~ Spoonful coconut oil (this is the best, especially for those who are intolerant/allergic to dairy)
~ Salt and pepper (or neither. Or just salt. Or pepper. IT DEPENDS ON YOUR TASTE! Get the idea yet? Are you tired of me repeating myself?)

Put spoonful of coconut oil on skillet and turn heat to medium - medium high (I prefer medium high). When skillet is heated, place eggs on and fry. When done on first side, flip and fry on the other side. It takes less time to fry on the second side than the first. Sprinkle with salt and pepper or condiment of choice. Enjoy!

Like you had no clue how to make eggs, but I'm telling you...this is the best way to fry you some eggs! (In my warped opinion, anyway! *winks*) If you'd like some added sustenance, I recommend an orange. Not only are the delicious, but they're very good for your heart as well!
Since everyone has their preference as to the size of their meals and what they eat at certain times of the day, I'm simply going to share some recipes that would work for either Dinner (lunch) or Supper (dinner).


Ahh...yes, I know that sardines aren't really a super popular food. They smell bad. But they taste good. The smell just drives most people away!

Trust me, sardines are lovely.

Soo...this isn't technically going to be a recipe because you can't whip up sardines. It's about like trying to make your own dairy milk. Sorry, only cows and God are capable of that. 

Eh heh. Anyway...

Rather large Marvel fan here. #noshame

Sardines are extremely good for you - if they don't have all the yucky additives and less than desirable ingredients added in. 

I myself do not like the sardines in water variation, but that's just my opinion. My personal favorites are the King Oscar brand - especially the Wild Caught Mediterranean Style. I've also tried the Jalapeno Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil variations.

I'd say most of the packets of sardines King Oscar manufactures would be fine - unless you factor in the Soy Sauce. I recommend that you do not buy the sardines in soy sauce because soy is terrible for you. 

I could not resist

Beef. It's what's for dinner. Or supper. Literally!

Again, there isn't really a set recipe for cooking a hamburger patty or just the "loose meat". 

When cooking the patty, though, keep in mind you need it around medium - medium high. Depending on your cook preferences, you can go anywhere from 5-9 minutes on a side. I like my meat well-done and I go about 7 minutes on each side, so be aware of that. 9 might give you a crispy pile of ash, but I guess if you like it that way you like it that way!
If you're just going with the "loose meat" variation, you simply cook the meat until it's browned. If you want to add some spice in, you could sprinkle some salt, pepper, cilantro, thyme, basil...whatever you while the meat is cooking. By the time the meat is cooked the spices have seeped in and it's basically speed-cured in fresh-tasting herbs. Yum!
And...last but not least, the dessert!
Trust me, there is such a thing as good sugar free dessert. I've eaten it.

Banana Blueberry/Blackberry Ice Cream

I'm telling you - nothing can substitute for ice cream and get away with it. Nothing.
But this totally sugar free (except for the natural kind) alternative to ice cream sure beats nothing on a warm day!

2 frozen bananas, chopped
1/2 cup of blueberries or blackberries. OR 1/4 cup blueberries and 1/4 cup blackberries

Place bananas in blender and blend until creamy. You might have to add a teensy bit of milk in to get it to mix well. Or you can add in the washed berries. The water on the berries seems to help loosen up the banana.

I don't recommend having much faith in the fact that this will taste exactly like ice cream. It doesn't. I'm not going to be one of those people who tells you that "Oh, it's exactly like it". They want you to think that, but it isn't. Nothing is exactly like anything else.

And that's fine with me! I love bananas, and it's cold and delicious! Who needs to worry about whether or not it tastes exactly like ice cream if it's good in its own right?

Honey Sweetened Pumpkin Cake

Warning 1: If you use flaxseed/chia seed "eggs", this cake comes out of the oven almost like a solidish pudding, but it will become more "cakey" as it cools.

Warning 2: It's addicting. You will literally eat the whole pan in one sitting.


2 eggs (we make flax seed or chia seed "eggs" so mom can eat it)_
1 cup pumpkin puree
3/4 cup honey
1/2 cup (olive) oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
2/3 cup water
1 1/2 cup flour (We use rice flour for our gluten allergies)

Beat eggs in bowl. Add remaining ingredients (except water and flour). Beat well. Add water and flour, beat to fluffy texture. Pour into greased 9x13 pan. Bake 350 for 20-30 minutes. (We had to do 30 because our oven is old) Until golden and/or springs back when touched.

And there we have it; delicious, healthy recipes that (hopefully) anyone can eat!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

'Til next time, my dearies.
Talk to me!
Are you hungry yet?
Do you have some good healthy recipes you'd like to share?
What's your favorite recipe out of all of these?
Are you happy with how I theme my months?


  1. I do not like Quinoa, but I think it's usually because the kind my mom gets has weird flavors.☺ The desserts sound good. I actually have heard of the banana ice cream one, though I've never tried it. I probably should.☺

    1. Well, each to his own! ;) It's okay if you don't like it, though. Quinoa isn't for everyone!

      Aww, well, they are! ;) Neat, and you totally should!!

      ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

  2. Banana ice cream is great! It's something my dad can have, and he really likes it. We call it "nice" cream! ;)

    1. YES IT IS!! Ahh, that's awesome!!

      What a fitting phrase for it! xD

      ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |


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